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 4,801 ft2  4
Monastery for sale in Marbella, with 4 and801 ft2.
 10,355 ft2  11
Lost in the middle of the mountains, this house of character is a real jewel in the middle of a national Ordesa park in the Pyrenes Aragon in between Parque Nacional de Ordesa & the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Guara at 890m of altitud.
As the monastery has been always located in the more beautifull places on earth, this property enjoys a natural park around its 95ha of private lands which offers a unique stay of reconnection with nature far from the asphalt, noise and crowds.
The history of this property dates back to the 11th century, then expanded in the 18th century in the time of the monks, owners of this domain before being expropriated. It wasn't until the end of the 20th century that the house came back to life and grew as we know it today.
 6,082 ft2
Farmhouse for sale in Marbella, with 6 and082 ft2.
2,400,000 €
 14,488 ft2  10  10
Farmhouse for sale in Cazalla De La Sierra, with 14,488 ft2, 10 rooms and 10 bathrooms, Swimming pool and Air conditioning.
 12,422 ft2  10  8
Castle from the 19th century located near Mérida and Badajoz. Where there are still beautiful Monuments from the Roman Era, such as the Theatre, the Bridge and the Aqueduct.
 24,219 ft2  12

Castle for sale near Seville.

This 250years old castle was use to make olive oil

 60,278 ft2  16
500 years Monastery 
 44,757 ft2  6

At one hour drive from Portugal or Seville, still shine an amazing 16th century monastary mudejar. Nowadays used as a beautifull place to organise conferences, wedding, cultural expositions or concert, it's one of the few mudejar monastery still exists in Spain. This 400 years old property built in a 4ha plot has more than 4000m2 built